Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun of Fall

I LOVE Autumn. It is so beautiful. When I was growing up I lived in Colorado, where there is not a colorful fall. The leaves just turn brown and fall off the trees. It really isn't pretty. I moved to Missouri when I was 18 and enjoyed my first "real" fall. The colors are amazing. (I am planning on taking some fall pics soon.
I have always love the whole leaf piles, pumpkins, trick-or-treating and holiday shopping that happens in the autumn. So far this year we have walked through the first of the crunching leaves that have fallen and also carved our first jack-o-lantern. Mia went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch and was able to bring home a pumpkin. She was so excited to have a pumpkin that she drew all over it with red permanant marker. We finally carved it this week (field trip was last week).
Sam has a field trip planned for the pumpkin patch so I am sure we will have more carving and pics in the future!!

We also bought the Halloween costumes this past week. The kids all had an idea of what they wanted to be. Finding the right sizes, or even a costume in Zach's case, was a little more of a chalenge. Mia found a cute cat costume, but they didn't have her size. Sam got lucky that we found his size in his costume. There were only 2 of what he wanted to be left. One was a size 7, the other a 12 Huskey. Sam is not a huskey boy, but for the costume the husky size didn't matter too much. They had 2 boy costumes left in Zach's size - a monkey and a bear. The bear was ugly and he was a monkey last year. Soooo here is what we ended up with...

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