Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am so sick of hearing...when are you due? O... M....G..... I am just fat people!!!!

So last week at church some lady just rubbed my belly and acted like I was pregnant. This perturbed me for two reasons - #1 you shouldn't just touch a stranger no matter if at church or elsewhere and #2 I AM NOT FREAKING PREGNANT!!!! I didn't say anything, just kind of backed away, because it was during worship (music) time.

Then again yesterday I was at the library with all 3 of my kids. Zach was in his baby car seat and I was standing in line to check out Mia's books and some lady told me I was brave having one that age (pointing at Zach) and doing it again. I said - Oh no, we are done and then it was our turn so I didn't say anything else.

I mean really - how rude. I know I am fat, and it is all in my belly, but still.....

Friday, January 29, 2010

Wow! The talent show at Sam's elementary school was fun!! There was all sorts of acts. There was rapping, singing, piano playing, salsa dancing, hula dancing, belly dancing, Sam on his violin and cheer leading!! The kids were all so cute!

Sam was super nervous but did a GREAT job!!! After he was done, all the girls in his class were telling him he did such a good job. It was really cute. I was super proud.

I would have put a picture on here, but my husband left the camera in the car and it is like 10 degrees outside. So, the camera is frozen and I have to wait for it to warm up. ARG.

Mia had a princess party at her school today. All the preschoolers were able to dress up in party clothes, princess costumes, knight costumes, or prince costume. Mia picked out a party dress that she wore to a wedding reception. It is black with pink glitter on it and a pink bow on the chest area. It really is too cute. She had a good time but was a little jealous of a girl in her class who had a "red poofy dress like Olivia". Mia loves the Olivia show - the one with the pig. I think the pig looks a little scary standing up like that, but she loves it.

She said there was dancing and cake at the party. She got to dance with her "buddy". Andrew. He is her favorite friend at school. She talks about him more than anyone else there. In fact, she sometimes says that he is her boyfriend. She also tells me, "We don't kiss because I am not old enough." I think that is so cute.

Zach went to the doctor today. I was concerned that his eyes cross when he looks at things really close up. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything we needed to do for his vision, especially since Mia need glasses.

My big boy will be 5 months on Sunday and weighs 17 pounds 5 ounces!!!! I cant believe how much he has grown. I told the doctor that he is sitting on his own for about a minute and that he still wont roll over. He said that he will roll over eventually and not to worry and that he is ahead for sitting. All in all he is doing good.

5 Question Friday

I am really liking these things. Here is the original blogger these questions come from

1. Would you ever vacation alone?
Sure - why not. In fact I might enjoy it. I would get to do only what I want and only when I want. Of course it wouldn't be when the kids were still little.

2. Do you go the speed limit?
no. I am usually below or above. More often above.

3. Why did you start blogging/following blogs?
I started reading blogs here and there a few months ago. I started blogging January 2010.

4. Where do you shop for yourself?
Ummm, what is that???? LOL. I really don't buy much for myself. Usually what I can get at Target or Walmart.

5. What was the song that you danced your first dance with your spouse to at your wedding...or...what song would you like your first dance to be to?
Pachabels Cannon That just happened to be what was playing. We made a mix CD and that was the first song on it, so that was it. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So excited for Sam.....

My big boy is in the school talent show!!! They actually had to audition and be accepted. I am so proud of him. 5th grade is great for him. He has done flag football, playing violin and now the talent show. It is so great that he wants to participate in all of these things! HE is playing his violin. I don't have a video camera, but I am taking a ton of pictures. :)
The talent show is tomorrow night so look for an update!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Weight loss- why it isn't working

I am soooooooooooooo sick of dieting and failing!!!! I can't say that loud enough. I have a love hate relationship with food. I LOVE to eat. Really LOVE it. It makes me feel happy and satisfied. It makes my headaches, tummy aches, heart aches and any other issue go away. Now that said - I know why I am fat. I am an emotional eater.
So what do I do about it? I can't stop feeling things. I can't stop eating.
I have tried so many different things - eating a limited number of calories, weight watcher points, limiting junk food - and none of it works. Well, it works great, until lunch. Then someone says something to hurt my feelings, or I am feeling down on myself, or I just feel hungry. So - I eat. And eat. And eat. I would guesstimate that in any given day I eat close to 3,000 calories. That is horrible to admit - but it is true. The thing is - I really don't like the flavor of vegetables. Unless it is drenched in ranch dressing ore some other calorie filled substitute, I don't like it. So I eat junk food, high fat, processed crap. I am probably not going to rot when I die because I have eaten so many preservatives. It is really gross when I think of it.
I want to exercise, but I can come up with so many excuses of why I can't or don't that it would make your head spin. Some of them are - my back hurts (valid, but it probably hurts partly because I am fat), It is too cold to take the baby outside for a walk (also valid, but I could walk indoors somewhere), the baby wants to be held all the time so I can't get a good workout (the baby does want to be held all the time so not sure what to do about this one), I am too tired, my shows are on.......
and it goes on and on and on. Why don't I just get up off my fat, lazy butt and do something????? I don't know.
I know I have just totally beat myself up here, but it is all true. I went to the doctor yesterday and she told me that my pulse rate is really high and it is because my heart cant handle all of my weight. It has to pump super fast (resting heart rate is in the low 100s) just to get blood to my body. So I really have to change my lifestyle. I need something to kick me in the butt and get me moving. Unfortunately we can not afford a gym membership, and then there is the problem of childcare. Look - here I go making excuses again.
That is the problem - excuses.

5 Question Friday...

So I saw this on another blog and thought it might be fun to do on Fridays. :) Here are the assigned questions....
1. What is better, growing old with out money or dying young and wealthy?

2. Who takes out the garbage at your house?

3. Have you ever had the same dream many times?

4. Can you play a musical instrument?

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?

My answers.....

1. What is better, growing old with out money or dying young and wealthy?
Well, it is a toss up. I hear growing old isn't fun. In fact people have told me it is painful. On the other hand you get to spend more time with your loved ones and go through all of the seasons of life. It would also depend on how young - 40? 50? Having money would be nice (I think).

In the end I think I would choose to grow old without money. I want to see my children grow up, get married, have children of their own, and grow old. I want to see my grandchildren grow up and have children.

2. Who takes out the garbage at your house?
Usually it is my son, Sam. It is one of his chores. If there is an over load of trash or it is super heavy my husband, Anthony will do it.

3. Have you ever had the same dream many times?
Yes, I have had multiple dreams more than once. There is the falling one, walking down the hall with a ton of doors feeling like someone is chasing me but I cant see them one, the going to school/work/shopping naked, and different ailments of different body parts.

4. Can you play a musical instrument?
Nope. I did play violin in middle school, but I was never very good, and I cant read music. It didn't last too long.

5. If you owned your own store, what would you sell?
Cloth diapers, breastfeeding supplies, and all things baby. :)

Stomach bug...

Well, it hit our house too. The tummy flu hit baby Zach first. He still has diarrhea today, but it is getting better. Mia got the bug, but hers only lasted one day. Sam and I just had a belly ache and Anthony didn't get sick at all. I am thankful for that. :)
I am still trying to catch up from all of the laundry. I have an extra 4 loads this week. I am lucky that is all.
This weekend I will bleach down all of the door knobs, toilets, sinks, phones, and computers.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My sick baby

My poor little man has been really fussy and just whiny since Sunday late morning. Also his appetite wasn't as big as usual. So I thought maybe it was teeth.
All day yesterday he spit up more than usual so I was thinking maybe ear infection, but he wasn't pulling at his ears.
Last night I fed him his usual bottle at 8:30. At 9:30 I was laying him in his crib and all of a sudden he started vomiting and gagging. It was the whole darn bottle and then some. So I get him all cleaned up, he is smiling this whole time (so sweet). I cleaned up his bed but decided it would be better for him to sleep with us in case he threw up again, so he didn't choke. He didn't sleep good at all. He was tossing and turning and fussing in his sleep. At 1 am he was acting hungry so I fed him and by 1:20 he was vomiting. I got that all cleaned up and he fell back asleep but wasn't sleeping well. At 3 am he was fussing so I brought him downstairs and he was dry heaving. I felt so bad cause I know how bad that hurts!! So I called the ask a nurse line to see what they recommend. While on the line with the nurse I was taking his temperature. Just as I finish the diarrhea starts. So I get him covered up and it explodes out of the diaper. As I am cleaning him up, it shoots out all over both of us. So I tell the nurse I have to go and get us both in the shower. She finished her advise and we got off the phone. I stripped us both down (except a diaper for him to avoid a trail of poo to have to clean up) and we headed upstairs.
Zach and I snuggled in the shower for about 15 minutes getting us both cleaned up. He usually hates the shower, but today the warm water must have made him feel better. We got out of the shower, dried off and got dressed and then came back downstairs. Then my sweet little boy looked up at me and smiled and dozed off to sleep.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A great Marilyn Monroe Quote...

I was playing on Facebook and I noticed my "pieces of flair" application. It has my favorite quate in the whole world......

"If you can't handle me at my worst, then you dont deserve me at my best"

I think that is such a profound statement. I think that we should all keep that in mind whenever we get down because someone doesn't accept us, or thinks we are not good.
This weekend was pretty busy for us. We got to spend time with lots of people this weekend.
Friday night one of Sam's best friends came for a sleep over. The boys had a blast playing video games, playing out in the snow (well what is left on the ground and in the shoveled piles) and watching movies.
Saturday morning his friend went home and Mia's grandma and grandpa called and wanted her to come over for a sleepover. So they picked her up and then Anthony, Sam, Zach and I headed over to our good friends' house. They are a great couple with a son that is Mia's age and another so who is a couple years older than Sam. So we had a delicious ham dinner and watched movies. We were there until almost 11 and didn't get into bed until after midnight. That is a rarity since having baby Zach. He still isn't a great sleeper so it takes me 10 hours to get 8 hours of sleep.
Sunday morning Zach and I went to church and had a blast. There was a great sermon on what the different servant gifts are that God gives us and how to tell which is at the core of yourself or someone close to you. Also he talked about how those gifts in different people can work together or against one another if they are not matured. It was really a great service.
After church, Anthony, Sam, Zach and I went over to Anthony's parent's house to have brunch and pick up Mia. It was really a good time, because some of Anthony's aunts and uncles were there. They loved how big Zach has gotten. They also get a kick out of the other kids too. It was fun and good to spend time with them. After they all left we stayed and watched a couple of movies. It was a good time.
Today is Monday - I usually hate Mondays. It is so hard to get up on Mondays, but today the kids didn't have school and Zach slept until just after 8 so I am starting out great! Today we plan to read some library books, clean the house up a bit, and if it gets warm enough we will play outside!! It will be fun.
So the no soda thing - I had soda last night. I wasn't loosing any weight and got frustrated. IT doesn't help that I am on the birth control pill - it is famous for making people gain weight, which is what is happening. ARG. I am going to try to follow the weight watchers point system. Maybe that will help. I will defiantly have to make a list of the 0 point foods!! That way if I feel the need to munch or I know we have a big dinner planned I can eat those. :) I am so sick of being overweight. It hurts physically and mentally. I am fed up with clothes not fitting, being too tired to do things, and not being comfortable in groups of people because I am worried they are judging me because I am fat. I am a little scared of getting skinny, but only because of excess skin. I will have a lot on my belly and I know it will look gross. But, I will be healthier and have energy, and the skin can always be surgically removed - if I am brave enough for the pain.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just yesterday I was wishing that Zach would sleep through the night in his own bed. Well, last night he slept in his own bed for 7 hours!!! I was so surprised. Of course I woke up a couple of times thinking it was about time for him to wake up. I checked on him at 3 am becuase I am a worry wort. He was fine of course. He slept another hour after that. I am truely amazed. I slept really good, he obviously slept good.
Now - Mia was in my bed at about 2am again. I worry less about crushing her though. I sleep fine when she is in the bed. She is happy today because we borrowed some items from the parent center for the public schools last night and she gets to play with them today. She picked a puzzle, 3 books, and a activity backpack. Last night we went to the preschool's family night. The theme this time was game night. It was really fun. Next time is family storytime. We all love to read at my house.
Sam and Anthony stayed home last night playing video games together. They enjoy that. When I got home we all snuggled in bed for a tv show and then off to bed.
For the weight loss - I still haven't lost anything. :( I am not drinking soda and I am snacking less. I am trying to make better food choices. For instance - last night for dinner I had 3/4 plate of salad with 1/4 plate of cheese ravioli. Normally I would have skipped the salad and filled the whole plate with ravioli. So I feel that I made a really good choice on that. So on to today - here's to better food choices!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


We were looking forward to the infant massage class last night, but yesterday afternoon I got a call saying the instructor had to cancel due to illness. She did reschedule for two weeks later. I am looking forward to it then. Mia loved the class when she was a baby.
Last night Zach slept really good - in my bed. We are working on getting him in his own crib. He was doing ok. Monday night he slept in his bed for 1 1/2 hours, Tuesday night was about 4 hours, but last night was just 45 minutes. I know that he just needed his mommy last night. He went 7 1/2 hours between his 8:45 bottle and 4:15 bottle. I am really proud of him. He will be sleeping through the night (hopefully) soon!!
I know people have different ideas of what sleeping through the night is. I am the type of girl who likes to get anywhere from 9-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. Of course I still have Mia coming in my bed every night. She wakes me up at about 1-3 am every day. She is 5 and still not sleeping for 10 hours straight. I am working on teaching her to get herself a drink of water, go potty, get hugs from mama (if it was a bad dream) and then tucking her back in. It is slow going also.
I never thought I would be teaching two children at once to sleep in their own beds. Don't get me wrong - I love having them in the bed and snuggling, I just don't sleep good that way. Zach is a wild sleep (moving around and squirming several times an hour) and Mia kicks.
Luckily Sam stays in his own bed. He is 11 and still has bad dreams so occasionally I will hear a little tap tap on my door and he just needs a hug and he is fine and goes to bed on his own. I know eventually all of the kids will sleep in their own beds and I will miss them in mine and that is why I don't push them too hard to sleep alone.
We are a snugly family.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zach had a visit from the Parents as Teachers educator today. He is doing great. He is already doing most things babies his age should be learning. The one thing he has no interest in doing at the moment is rolling from his belly to his back. He will tolerate a few minutes of tummy time, but when he is done he plants his face in the blanket and cries. I am sure that he will do it eventually. He does roll from his back to his side and then back down again, so at least there is a start. Tomorrow night we go to the infant massage class. I am looking forward to it. We took the class when Mia was a baby and she loved it.
Mia had a fun day at school and is super excited to watch the Freshbeat band. I DVRed it for her. She has been wanting to watch it, but it comes on when she is at school. She loves the music. She wants to play the drums, guitar and sing when she gets bigger.
Sam went to a roller skating party last night that his school hosted. He loves to roller skate. He wants to go every month. It is only a few dollars and he gets to hang out with some of his friends from school so it is worth it.
I still have yet to drink any soda this month. I am really proud of myself. I almost don't miss it. I still haven't lost any weight though. I need to cut back on the junk food too. It is definitely a struggle since I am not a huge fan of healthy foods. I just have to keep reminding myself of the final goal. Maybe I will go out and get a cute outfit in the size I want to be and hang it where I can see everyday.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally back at school

The kids are back at school today. It was a long 3 weeks for them. They love being home, but when we are trapped inside all day they start to get on each others' nerves.

Mia was most looking forward to going back to school. She really misses all her friends. She couldn't wait to get back and tell them all about her fun break.

Sam was a little less excited about it. He is looking forward to seeing his friends, but also knows that back to school also means back to lots of work. 5th grade is hard!

As for the weight loss for me. No weight lost - in fact I have gained weight. I think that my scale is definitely not weighing correctly though. I can step on it in the morning and then in the evening (same clothes on) and gain or loose 5 pounds in a day. So on the list of things to get is a new scale. Not the cheapy $5 one from wal-mart anymore. I think that is most of the problem. I still have not had soda. I do plan on doing something similar to the special K thing - where I will eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast and lunch, a healthy snack in the am and afternoon and then a regular dinner. I think the biggest problem for me will be to choose a healthy snack. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finally ventured out....

Sam got an AMC gift card as part of his Christmas gifts and wanted to take his little sis to see a movie. She has been so looking forward to the Chipmunks Squeekwal to come out. Sam said he would bring her. So this morning, Sam, Mia and I ventured out into the still cold air.
We made it out of the parking lot before Sam started to tease his sister that we weren't going to see the chipmunk movie, that we were going to see Avatar instead. So of course she cries and gets sad. He lives to tease her. It is his goal in life to get a rise out of her - and he is very good at it. She screams that high-pitched, ear shattering scream (you all know the one I am talking about) at least 5 times a day when they spend th whole day together.
She is finally learning to tease him back. Today my nephew is coming here to have a sleepover and Mia is going to his house for a sleepover with my niece. Mia tells Sam that he isn't going to have a sleep over anymore. So he comes asking me and I told him she finally got him. He was a little perterbed. It was pretty cute.
So we went and Sam paid for all three tickets and still had about $8 left on his card. We go to the concessions counter and I am looking at the prices and I am unbelievable appalled at how much they charge for these things. A kids pack, which consists of a tiny popcorn (probably 2-3 cups) a small drink (8 oz) and a pack of fruit snacks is $6!!!! Wow! The nachos were $6.75!!! Luckily I got a free drink with my movie watcher card. So each kid gets a kid pack and a pck of nachos to share. I ended up having to pay about $10 to cover what Sam didn't have enough for on his card. The kids had a blast!
We dont get to go and do fun stuff like that very often due to a tight budget, so when we go it is a real treat and fully enjoyed. Both of the kids loved the movie and finished all of thier kids pack (I shared with Mia) and nachos. It was a great time.
Baby Zach was at home with Daddy the whole time. They did great too. I think that Anthony enjoys caring for Zach in small doses. It is also fun to get away with the big kids too.

I still have yet to have a single sip of soda!! That is 9 whole days!! I am doing fine with it. I love iced tea and that helps a lot. I was thinking for February the thing I will give up will be chips. Each month this year I will change something about the way/what I eat that is keeping me fat. Chips is a big one! I love chips. I eat at least 4 servings in a sitting. It is a good idea to give up chips.

Friday, January 8, 2010

0 degrees is our high...

so we are stuck in the house yet again!!! The kids are so sick of being in the house. I have to run to get groceries and some things at Walmart, but I don't want to take the kids out cause with the wind chill it is -14 degrees. This is all Farenheight. Maybe my mom will watch all of them and I will get the groceries. I can always run to walmart another day.
Still no soda!! I have gone 8 days with not even a sip of soda. This is really good for the water drinking. I have been drinking on average 5-6 tall glasses of water a day, up from 2!!! I still am not eating all that great, but I am serving chicken salad for dinner one night this coming week. I think my problem is chips and crackers. Once those are in the house I cant stop eating them!! It is a sad addiction. If there is chocolate or other candy, I can eat that in moderation. I will hide my little box of candy in my drawer and only get one or two pieces every few days. Not too bad.
I have decided that we need to get out more and do more things. Most of the time we sit around the house or just go to family or friends houses. I am sure there is a ton of free stuff we can do all over the city. Of course the weather has to be appropriate. I will keep an eye out for fun free stuff to do and then blog about how fun it actually was. :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yet another snow day

So the kids are home again from school. They already called it off for tomorrow too. That is 4 snow days in the same week. They are extending the school year because of it. The kids are happy to have an extra week off after the holiday. They like any amount of time off school. Sam is still sleeping (he has been sleeping in until 10 every day) and Mia, Zach and I are watching G-force. A cute movie so far. Mia loves to watch movies over and over so she has already seen it once. She keeps trying to tell me parts of the movie. I tried to explain that I will watch it and she will tell me the end and ruin the movie. She still keeps telling me parts of it anyway.
Anthony stayed home from work today because the weather is so bad. There have been 4 wheel drive vehicles that have overturned cause the roads are so slick. The city is HORRIBLE at clearing streets. It is pretty sad. It snowed 3 weeks ago and they still haven't plowed the side streets from that, so the snow keeps building and building!
Next movie to come in the mail from the Blockbuster thing is Adventureland. Maybe it will bring some laughs. :) I am enjoying watching movies often. I love to be able to get them in the mail and not return them by a certain time. That is great when the kids really like a movie.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It is FREEZING today....

So another cold day here in Kansas City. It is currently 5 degrees outside. In fact it is so cold they cancelled school for the kids!! We are supposed to get a big snow storm tomorrow - up to 5 inches. So the kids will probably have school tomorrow and then be off on Thursday from all the snow again. Then Friday it is supposed to be super cold again. Wow a lot of cold air. I used to say I loved the cold. I do love the cool, but not the cold. I prefer the temp outside to be in the upper 50's to 60's. Maybe even 70's with a nice breeze.
Not much going on today because it is so cold. We are staying in the house and keeping warm! Maybe watch a movie or something. Hot cocoa and popcorn with it. That sounds fabulous!!
So I still have not had soda! Day #5. I am thinking it will not be too bad so long as I have coffee and iced tea at the house! I would have a SUPER major caffeine headache without them. Today I plan on choosing healthier foods to help the weight loss. We are having baked chicken for dinner tonight (a fave in my house). The sides are fried potatoes and corn. Both not healthy. Maybe I will make some brown rice for me so I can eat more healthy.
Zach started sweet potatoes last night. It took about 4-5 bites before he decided he liked them. He made a silly face the first few. So far he has had green beans, squash and sweet potatoes. He likes them all. I cant wait to see how he does with the fruits!! After he finishes all of the different size 1 types of baby food then we will add breakfast. He currently only eats dinner. HE will have cereal in the morning with apple juice mixed in and then a veggie or fruit for dinner. After a month or so of that we will add in lunch and then he can start meats!! HE is growing too fast!
Sam is glad there is no school today and is still sleeping at 10:30!! He loves to sleep late. Mia is sad that there is no school cause she misses her friends. It is too cute.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Weight loss 2010

So this year I have a goal to loose a LOT of weight. I am taking it 10 pounds at a time. For New Years I decided to give up soda. I was drinking 3-4 regular sodas a day. That is a ton of calories I just don't need. That alone should help me loose some weight. It is the 4th of January, so that is 4 days without soda. It has been a struggle but it is tolerable and I know I can do it!! So for the whole month of January I will break my addiction to soda. I will set a new goal each month and hopefully I can loose this weight!!

Post 1 - finally getting started

I have been wanting to start a blog for a while and just never got around to it. Well, today is the day!!! New year - new things going on. :)
I plan to use this blog for many purposes. I will journal things that go on in my children's' and my life, post my weight loss goals and struggles, fun things I did or want to do, cool new foods I will try, and anything else that I feel like putting out there. :)
Today I took Zach to the doctor for his 4 month well child exam. He was 16 pounds 2 ounces and 26 1/4 inches long. He is super tall and a bit of a chunk. He was healthy and got 2 shots - DTap and IPV. They didn't have the Hib cause it is on back order. Last time he had shots he got a combination one called Pentacel and had a reaction (swelling, redness and severe pain) at the site. The doc wanted to split them up to see if we could see if it was one of the shots or just the combination that cause the reaction. So far (3 hours later) he is doing fine with these two.
Tonight Zach gets to try sweet potatoes for dinner. the past three nights was squash and the three nights prior to that was green beans. He loves green beans! he even likes them more than squash. I hope he likes all of the veggies.
Mia got a late birthday card int he mail from her great-grandma and is super excited to spend the $10 she got in it. She keeps asking when we can go to the store. I might take her out later tonight when Anthony gets home so he can stay with baby Zach. It is FREEZING here today so I don't want to have to take him back out.
Sam is still waiting for his package to come from his dad. He is supposed to have a gift card for $100 in it for his Christmas gift from his dad. He has been waiting since before Christmas for it and every day when the mail comes and it isn't there he is a little disappointed. I hope it comes tomorrow so he can go shopping too.