Monday, January 18, 2010

This weekend was pretty busy for us. We got to spend time with lots of people this weekend.
Friday night one of Sam's best friends came for a sleep over. The boys had a blast playing video games, playing out in the snow (well what is left on the ground and in the shoveled piles) and watching movies.
Saturday morning his friend went home and Mia's grandma and grandpa called and wanted her to come over for a sleepover. So they picked her up and then Anthony, Sam, Zach and I headed over to our good friends' house. They are a great couple with a son that is Mia's age and another so who is a couple years older than Sam. So we had a delicious ham dinner and watched movies. We were there until almost 11 and didn't get into bed until after midnight. That is a rarity since having baby Zach. He still isn't a great sleeper so it takes me 10 hours to get 8 hours of sleep.
Sunday morning Zach and I went to church and had a blast. There was a great sermon on what the different servant gifts are that God gives us and how to tell which is at the core of yourself or someone close to you. Also he talked about how those gifts in different people can work together or against one another if they are not matured. It was really a great service.
After church, Anthony, Sam, Zach and I went over to Anthony's parent's house to have brunch and pick up Mia. It was really a good time, because some of Anthony's aunts and uncles were there. They loved how big Zach has gotten. They also get a kick out of the other kids too. It was fun and good to spend time with them. After they all left we stayed and watched a couple of movies. It was a good time.
Today is Monday - I usually hate Mondays. It is so hard to get up on Mondays, but today the kids didn't have school and Zach slept until just after 8 so I am starting out great! Today we plan to read some library books, clean the house up a bit, and if it gets warm enough we will play outside!! It will be fun.
So the no soda thing - I had soda last night. I wasn't loosing any weight and got frustrated. IT doesn't help that I am on the birth control pill - it is famous for making people gain weight, which is what is happening. ARG. I am going to try to follow the weight watchers point system. Maybe that will help. I will defiantly have to make a list of the 0 point foods!! That way if I feel the need to munch or I know we have a big dinner planned I can eat those. :) I am so sick of being overweight. It hurts physically and mentally. I am fed up with clothes not fitting, being too tired to do things, and not being comfortable in groups of people because I am worried they are judging me because I am fat. I am a little scared of getting skinny, but only because of excess skin. I will have a lot on my belly and I know it will look gross. But, I will be healthier and have energy, and the skin can always be surgically removed - if I am brave enough for the pain.

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