Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finally ventured out....

Sam got an AMC gift card as part of his Christmas gifts and wanted to take his little sis to see a movie. She has been so looking forward to the Chipmunks Squeekwal to come out. Sam said he would bring her. So this morning, Sam, Mia and I ventured out into the still cold air.
We made it out of the parking lot before Sam started to tease his sister that we weren't going to see the chipmunk movie, that we were going to see Avatar instead. So of course she cries and gets sad. He lives to tease her. It is his goal in life to get a rise out of her - and he is very good at it. She screams that high-pitched, ear shattering scream (you all know the one I am talking about) at least 5 times a day when they spend th whole day together.
She is finally learning to tease him back. Today my nephew is coming here to have a sleepover and Mia is going to his house for a sleepover with my niece. Mia tells Sam that he isn't going to have a sleep over anymore. So he comes asking me and I told him she finally got him. He was a little perterbed. It was pretty cute.
So we went and Sam paid for all three tickets and still had about $8 left on his card. We go to the concessions counter and I am looking at the prices and I am unbelievable appalled at how much they charge for these things. A kids pack, which consists of a tiny popcorn (probably 2-3 cups) a small drink (8 oz) and a pack of fruit snacks is $6!!!! Wow! The nachos were $6.75!!! Luckily I got a free drink with my movie watcher card. So each kid gets a kid pack and a pck of nachos to share. I ended up having to pay about $10 to cover what Sam didn't have enough for on his card. The kids had a blast!
We dont get to go and do fun stuff like that very often due to a tight budget, so when we go it is a real treat and fully enjoyed. Both of the kids loved the movie and finished all of thier kids pack (I shared with Mia) and nachos. It was a great time.
Baby Zach was at home with Daddy the whole time. They did great too. I think that Anthony enjoys caring for Zach in small doses. It is also fun to get away with the big kids too.

I still have yet to have a single sip of soda!! That is 9 whole days!! I am doing fine with it. I love iced tea and that helps a lot. I was thinking for February the thing I will give up will be chips. Each month this year I will change something about the way/what I eat that is keeping me fat. Chips is a big one! I love chips. I eat at least 4 servings in a sitting. It is a good idea to give up chips.

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