Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It is FREEZING today....

So another cold day here in Kansas City. It is currently 5 degrees outside. In fact it is so cold they cancelled school for the kids!! We are supposed to get a big snow storm tomorrow - up to 5 inches. So the kids will probably have school tomorrow and then be off on Thursday from all the snow again. Then Friday it is supposed to be super cold again. Wow a lot of cold air. I used to say I loved the cold. I do love the cool, but not the cold. I prefer the temp outside to be in the upper 50's to 60's. Maybe even 70's with a nice breeze.
Not much going on today because it is so cold. We are staying in the house and keeping warm! Maybe watch a movie or something. Hot cocoa and popcorn with it. That sounds fabulous!!
So I still have not had soda! Day #5. I am thinking it will not be too bad so long as I have coffee and iced tea at the house! I would have a SUPER major caffeine headache without them. Today I plan on choosing healthier foods to help the weight loss. We are having baked chicken for dinner tonight (a fave in my house). The sides are fried potatoes and corn. Both not healthy. Maybe I will make some brown rice for me so I can eat more healthy.
Zach started sweet potatoes last night. It took about 4-5 bites before he decided he liked them. He made a silly face the first few. So far he has had green beans, squash and sweet potatoes. He likes them all. I cant wait to see how he does with the fruits!! After he finishes all of the different size 1 types of baby food then we will add breakfast. He currently only eats dinner. HE will have cereal in the morning with apple juice mixed in and then a veggie or fruit for dinner. After a month or so of that we will add in lunch and then he can start meats!! HE is growing too fast!
Sam is glad there is no school today and is still sleeping at 10:30!! He loves to sleep late. Mia is sad that there is no school cause she misses her friends. It is too cute.

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