Friday, January 29, 2010

Wow! The talent show at Sam's elementary school was fun!! There was all sorts of acts. There was rapping, singing, piano playing, salsa dancing, hula dancing, belly dancing, Sam on his violin and cheer leading!! The kids were all so cute!

Sam was super nervous but did a GREAT job!!! After he was done, all the girls in his class were telling him he did such a good job. It was really cute. I was super proud.

I would have put a picture on here, but my husband left the camera in the car and it is like 10 degrees outside. So, the camera is frozen and I have to wait for it to warm up. ARG.

Mia had a princess party at her school today. All the preschoolers were able to dress up in party clothes, princess costumes, knight costumes, or prince costume. Mia picked out a party dress that she wore to a wedding reception. It is black with pink glitter on it and a pink bow on the chest area. It really is too cute. She had a good time but was a little jealous of a girl in her class who had a "red poofy dress like Olivia". Mia loves the Olivia show - the one with the pig. I think the pig looks a little scary standing up like that, but she loves it.

She said there was dancing and cake at the party. She got to dance with her "buddy". Andrew. He is her favorite friend at school. She talks about him more than anyone else there. In fact, she sometimes says that he is her boyfriend. She also tells me, "We don't kiss because I am not old enough." I think that is so cute.

Zach went to the doctor today. I was concerned that his eyes cross when he looks at things really close up. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything we needed to do for his vision, especially since Mia need glasses.

My big boy will be 5 months on Sunday and weighs 17 pounds 5 ounces!!!! I cant believe how much he has grown. I told the doctor that he is sitting on his own for about a minute and that he still wont roll over. He said that he will roll over eventually and not to worry and that he is ahead for sitting. All in all he is doing good.

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