Friday, January 8, 2010

0 degrees is our high...

so we are stuck in the house yet again!!! The kids are so sick of being in the house. I have to run to get groceries and some things at Walmart, but I don't want to take the kids out cause with the wind chill it is -14 degrees. This is all Farenheight. Maybe my mom will watch all of them and I will get the groceries. I can always run to walmart another day.
Still no soda!! I have gone 8 days with not even a sip of soda. This is really good for the water drinking. I have been drinking on average 5-6 tall glasses of water a day, up from 2!!! I still am not eating all that great, but I am serving chicken salad for dinner one night this coming week. I think my problem is chips and crackers. Once those are in the house I cant stop eating them!! It is a sad addiction. If there is chocolate or other candy, I can eat that in moderation. I will hide my little box of candy in my drawer and only get one or two pieces every few days. Not too bad.
I have decided that we need to get out more and do more things. Most of the time we sit around the house or just go to family or friends houses. I am sure there is a ton of free stuff we can do all over the city. Of course the weather has to be appropriate. I will keep an eye out for fun free stuff to do and then blog about how fun it actually was. :)

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