Friday, January 15, 2010

Just yesterday I was wishing that Zach would sleep through the night in his own bed. Well, last night he slept in his own bed for 7 hours!!! I was so surprised. Of course I woke up a couple of times thinking it was about time for him to wake up. I checked on him at 3 am becuase I am a worry wort. He was fine of course. He slept another hour after that. I am truely amazed. I slept really good, he obviously slept good.
Now - Mia was in my bed at about 2am again. I worry less about crushing her though. I sleep fine when she is in the bed. She is happy today because we borrowed some items from the parent center for the public schools last night and she gets to play with them today. She picked a puzzle, 3 books, and a activity backpack. Last night we went to the preschool's family night. The theme this time was game night. It was really fun. Next time is family storytime. We all love to read at my house.
Sam and Anthony stayed home last night playing video games together. They enjoy that. When I got home we all snuggled in bed for a tv show and then off to bed.
For the weight loss - I still haven't lost anything. :( I am not drinking soda and I am snacking less. I am trying to make better food choices. For instance - last night for dinner I had 3/4 plate of salad with 1/4 plate of cheese ravioli. Normally I would have skipped the salad and filled the whole plate with ravioli. So I feel that I made a really good choice on that. So on to today - here's to better food choices!!!

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