Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everyday blessings

This past week was a long one for me. Between not much sleep and just plain emotional tiredness, I was down. So I took a few pictures yesterday and thought how blessed I am.
Sam was still at school. Mia was just home from her half day preschool and my niece, Ally, was over so we decided to have some cupcakes. I think cupcakes are becoming our comfort food. Not so gret for the hips, but awesome ast he sugary frosting explodes in your mouth. Make me feel all warm and happy inside (probably yet another reason I need my weight loss blog).
So the girls had pink frosting and I had blue. I shared a little taste of my frosting with Zach. He really liked it. We had fun getting all messy with the frosting. It was great to feel the happiness that pink and blue colored teeth and lips can bring.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Baking with my only princess

When I was pregnant with Mia we didn't get to see that she was a girl on the sonogram until I was 28 weeks pregnant. The 20 week sonogram came and went. She was a stubborn girl and just wouldn't show her parts. So when the doctor told me that he would be doing a growth scan at 28 weeks I was more than delighted to know that I would get another chance to see for certain that my feelings were true.

The sonographer was a mean lady who was really rude and told me a baby is more than girl or boy parts. Well, duh!!! So Mia again was being stubborn and had her hip rolled. The mean lady decided she would jab my huge round belly really hard with the image wand to try and get Mia to roll. Well - it worked- Mia did roll, and much to my delight showed she was a girl! I was so happy that all of my girl feelings were right.

So I envisioned a lacy, pink world full of tights, dresses, hair bows and sparkly stuff.

wow did I totally get her wrong!! She wore dresses and tights often when she was an infant, but from the time she was old enough to protest there was no more dresses or tights. My princess was a tom boy. Even so far as this past fall she found a shirt in the boys department that she just had to have. Well, I let her get it. I still put her hair in cute pig tails and braids and try to have her wear dresses at least once in a while. She wont wear tights so on cold days it is a pair of pants under that dress.

The one "girly" thing I am happy that she enjoys doing with me is baking. On Wednesday this week we decided to bake some cupcakes when she got home from preschool. I had two different cake mixes and she was more than excited to choose which. She picked butter recipe yellow with chocolate frosting over the funfetti cake with white frosting. Again it shows that she isn't a super girly girl - cause I think a super girly girl would go for the sprinkles!! But then again she did pick the chocolate.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What fun we have had

This past week has been a blast! Thursday was Mia's Valentines Day party. She came home with Valentines and candy and said she had a great time. Thursday evening was the get together that Mia's school holds once a month. It was Clifford the Dog's birthday celebration. She did some crafts and stood next to Clifford. She is still too scared to sit on his lap or get any closer.

Friday Sam had his Valentines party at school and also had a blast. There are more kids in his class so he came home with double the stuff Mia did.
I got my tooth pulled Friday morning and spent the weekend in pain. Thank God for pain pills!! Luckily Sam spent the night with my sister Friday and Saturday and Mia spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa those two nights to it was just Anthony, Zach and me. Zach is still pretty easy to care for since he isn't mobile so we spent Saturday in bed. It was a ton of fun tv shows, napping and cuddling.
Sunday we went to Anthony's parents house for some yummy burgers and fries. We all chatted a little about my sister-in-laws wedding. It is gonna be beautiful!!
Today (Monday) is President's Day so the kids are out of school. Luckily the local roller skating rink was open an extra day. Sam, Mia, my nephew Gabe, Zach and I all ventured over to the rink and the three older kids skated while Zach and I watched. It was too cute. Mia has only skated one other time and only spent about 10 minutes in skates that time. This time we had the wheels tightened on the skates so she didn't fall so much. She skated for about 1 of the two hours we were there. She fell several times, but it wasn't too bad. Gabe was saying his feet were throbbing with pain. No doubt he will have blisters by tonight!! Sam did really well. He has been skating maybe 6-7 times and he loves it. I think it will be a frequented place when he is in middle school.
So tomorrow is back to the grind for the kids.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tooth ache

Well, it happened. I had my tooth pulled today. Not just any tooth, but my back molar.
I didn't want to go through the pain of another root canal (or the cost really), so I opted to have it pulled.
I went to the dentist sat in the chair and had my nitrous oxide mask applied. I started feeling a little funny and the dentist came in and numbed my mouth. It wasn't too bad, surprisingly. When there is an extraction of a tooth they have to numb the roof of your mouth, so yes I was stuck there with a needle!!
So I wait in the chair with my gas making me feel all floaty and dizzy and not having a care in the world. Then the dentist comes in and makes sure I am numb - which I am. So he and his assistant get started. Still wasn't too bad. No pain just pressure.
Then.... the cracking started. Wow that was really weird. My mind told me that it should hurt and so I tried to lift my hand to my face, but it was too heavy from my gas. So I just sat there and tolerated it. No pain, just fear of pain. So then my tooth comes out and there is a little piece of root left in there. So they dug and got it. Still no pain.
I was given post op instructions and sent on my way. It was about 3 hours before the pain hit and wow did it hit!! So I took my pain meds, which are a lifesaver!!!
The lesson I learned from this - take better care of my teeth as to avoid cavities and get them taken care of as soon as I find them out. Don't wait a year!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally pics of my awesome ring sling

It is so awesome and Zach loves it. So if you want to buy one of these great slings you can do so from the person I got them from. Her name is Jaime and this is her site

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well, today is the day. I am going to get my ring sling and meet a local mom. This may turn into play dates for the kids too. That would be so fun. She does live about 30 minutes away, but that is not too bad.
I hope that I can get the hang of the ring sling and that I will use it frequently. I really love the idea of it, and Zach loves to be held. It may make life a lot easier. I will definitely have to take pics of him in it and post so you all can see why I am super excited. Well, those of you who don't already have and love one!!!

Anthony and I were supposed to continue our book of Joshua class tonight, but his mom is not feeling well and is in the hospital for some testing. She was having chest pains and shortness of breath. I hope it is nothing. The last time this happened it was just gas. She was watching the kids for us during the class and so we don't have a babysitter and also we will be worried about her if we are sitting there in the class.

Mia and I are looking forward to Thursday!! Clifford the dog will be at an after school event! Mia loves Clifford. She pointed out to me this morning that Clifford is a Valentines color. We will also be reading stories and having a snack at the activity. The preschool does these events once a month and Mia really likes to go. We have been to all of them except two. One was because Sam had his DARE graduation and the other was bad weather. I think there will be 3 more before the end of the year.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow snow go away....

We have had about 30 inches of snow this winter season. I know that doesn't seem like much to the poor people of the Washington DC area who got a whopping 30 inches in one snowstorm!!! Yet, I am still sick of the snow.
Normally I am a winter person. Normally I prefer the cold and love the snow, but this year I am just not feeling it. It was fun and great in December, but now that it is February I am just done with it.
I want to take the kids to the park, but 10 - 35 degrees is just too cold. I want to go for walks, but again - too cold.
The kids are all getting stir crazy and poor Zach has only been out to go run errands, go to church, doctor visits, or visit Grandma and Grandpa. He has yet to enjoy the great outdoors for the fun of it.
Mia wants to ride her tricycle. She keeps asking when we are going to take it out of the basement for her to play with.
The only one who gets to play outside is Sam. He is older and can tolerate the cold better than the little ones. He likes to play in the snow. Mia likes the snow too, but she gets cold so quickly.

So the plan - the first day that it is above 50 degrees by lunchtime - we are going to the park!! Zach can swing on the baby swings and Mia can run her energy out. Sam can climb on all of the jungle gyms. It will be so much fun and I can't wait!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I am moving the weight loss blog...

to a different place. I want this blog to be about the children and family life and what we do for fun. So here is my weight loss blog if you want to follow. :) Happy reading.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sam playing the violin at the talent show

Well, I said I would post a pic of it and here it is!! My sweet boy playing his violin. He did a really great job. I am so proud.

I'm getting a ring sling!!!!

I am so super excited!!!! I love to "wear" my baby. I think it is such a great thing.
All of my children love to be held all of the time as babies. So I figure, why not get something to help me out!
I have looked and looked at all of the different options for baby wearing. I have purchased a wrap and borrowed a wrap from my sister. Zach doesn't mind it - for a short time. He doesn't want to be held super close and be confined.
I know the ring sling holds him close also, but it is more versatile as far as I can carry him on my hip (his favorite place).
I am meeting a local Work at home mama who makes ring slings. I cant wait to meet her and learn to use the ring sling. I am sure it will be a blessing. Plus the price is right! That is a major thing since money is so tight here.
I would also really love to get a Mei tie, but they are super expensive, so that is something that will just be a want, but I will not get. I am happy with the ring sling!!
I will post a pic of it when I get it!!!!

Dieting update

I am a little disappointed today. The workout DVD thing didn't work out. I don't have it and I wont be buying it for a while. My mother-in law has some DVD's so I will look through her stash and borrow one of hers for a while.
So far I have not "worked out" this week. I have gone for a few short walks, but nothing that I would call exercise. The eating was going ok, but then last night I snacked like crazy before I went to bed. I am paying for that this morning because of my heart burn. That is what I get for eating a ton and then sleeping.
I spoke with my dad on the phone a few days ago and he has to loose weight too so we are going to keep each other accountable. Maybe having that will help.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Weigh in Wednesday...

Well, it is Wednesday #1 in my tracking weight for my blog.
I weighed in at a hefty 224 this morning. It isn't my worst non-pregnant weight, but it is no where near what I want it to be. My long term goal is to be at about 125, so I have almost 100 pounds to loose!!! That is a whole person!!
My left foot has been hurting for about 2 weeks now and I know it is mostly due to my weight. My feet NEVER hurt when I was thin. I take that back - they hurt after standing on them for 12 hours, but not ever upon waking.
So my short term goal is to loose 5 pounds by the end of February. I have 25 days left to do it in. I know I can do it with a few simple changes - less snacking, eating healthier snacks, choosing healthier meals, and of course exercise.
I am still waiting for the Sweatin to the Oldies DVD to come in the mail. I am hoping that it will get here tomorrow and then I can start working out on Friday. I plan to do it Monday through Friday and skip out on weekends because the weekends are usually really busy. If I am more realistic I will get a workout 3 days a week. That is still better than not at all though.
So this week my gaols are to:
Loose 2 pounds
Exercise at least 3 days
Choose healthier snacks

I will back on this topic next Wednesday!!

Book of Joshua class

Last night Anthony and I started a class at church that goes over the book of Joshua in the Bible. I am not great at meeting new people and so I was a little nervous on the way there. It made it a little easier to have my husband there with me.
We were the first to arrive with someone arriving shortly after. Shortly after more people showed up. As the people kept showing up I noticed a common theme among all of them.....
They were all old!!!!

I was definitely the youngest (at 30) and Anthony the next (35). The next youngest person was late 40s early 50. The rest of the people were in their 50s and 60s and even one in the 70s.

So I was sitting there thinking to myself that maybe this class was meant for older people, or maybe I wouldn't be able to offer anything to these people here who were so much more wise than I. All of the people there had already been involved in church classes before and some of them seemed to know each other. I felt very out of place.

We read the last book in Deuteronomy and the first book of Joshua. Then we broke into smaller groups and had discussions about some of it. I really didn't have anything to say about it. I wouldn't say I didn't learn anything - I just didn't know what to say. Again - I felt out of place.

All through this time I felt out of place, but also comfortable. I love the church that I go to and it has always felt like home to me so it was a "safe" environment for me.

By the end of the evening I felt a little more comfortable, but still not enough to pray aloud or give too much input. I really only talked about my children. That is what I know and that is what I am good at. We closed in prayer and the leaders of the class said they hoped to see us back next week.

Anthony and I walked out to the car and as we were getting in I asked him what he thought of the class. I was surprised to hear him say he enjoyed it. He doesn't go with me to church on Sunday and doesn't regularly read the Bible so I wanted to invite him so that I could open the door for him. I asked what he got from the class and he listed some items and then asked me what I got from the class. At that point my answer was "I don't know".

We continued our talk throughout the ride home and I finally figured out what I learned from this first class....

to be courageous!!

God wants me to stick to this class. He wants me to finish it and be brave and work through my doubt. I have to be courageous so that I can lead my children to God. I got this from the scripture in the book of Joshua.

Joshua 1:6 "Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their forefathers to give them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

It is February 1st and I have lost 0 pounds...

obviously I wasn't trying or I would have lost at least one!
My sister-in-law is getting married in May and I want to be at least 20 pounds lighter. I still wont find a dress to look good on these rolls, but 20 pounds less in rolls will look better than I do now.
My Sweatin to the Oldies DVD will be here any day now and I will be working out! I think I will make Wednesday my weigh in day. I will share on each Wednesday what I have accomplished for the week as far as weight loss, what I am doing to get there and what my goals are for the next week. Wednesday is 2 days away so I have only 2 days to start. My goals right now are to not eat if I am not hungry!! That is a big one. We will see how it goes Wednesday!