Friday, February 19, 2010

Baking with my only princess

When I was pregnant with Mia we didn't get to see that she was a girl on the sonogram until I was 28 weeks pregnant. The 20 week sonogram came and went. She was a stubborn girl and just wouldn't show her parts. So when the doctor told me that he would be doing a growth scan at 28 weeks I was more than delighted to know that I would get another chance to see for certain that my feelings were true.

The sonographer was a mean lady who was really rude and told me a baby is more than girl or boy parts. Well, duh!!! So Mia again was being stubborn and had her hip rolled. The mean lady decided she would jab my huge round belly really hard with the image wand to try and get Mia to roll. Well - it worked- Mia did roll, and much to my delight showed she was a girl! I was so happy that all of my girl feelings were right.

So I envisioned a lacy, pink world full of tights, dresses, hair bows and sparkly stuff.

wow did I totally get her wrong!! She wore dresses and tights often when she was an infant, but from the time she was old enough to protest there was no more dresses or tights. My princess was a tom boy. Even so far as this past fall she found a shirt in the boys department that she just had to have. Well, I let her get it. I still put her hair in cute pig tails and braids and try to have her wear dresses at least once in a while. She wont wear tights so on cold days it is a pair of pants under that dress.

The one "girly" thing I am happy that she enjoys doing with me is baking. On Wednesday this week we decided to bake some cupcakes when she got home from preschool. I had two different cake mixes and she was more than excited to choose which. She picked butter recipe yellow with chocolate frosting over the funfetti cake with white frosting. Again it shows that she isn't a super girly girl - cause I think a super girly girl would go for the sprinkles!! But then again she did pick the chocolate.

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  1. These times are so precious!!! I wish I could get these days back. Enjoy!!