Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm getting a ring sling!!!!

I am so super excited!!!! I love to "wear" my baby. I think it is such a great thing.
All of my children love to be held all of the time as babies. So I figure, why not get something to help me out!
I have looked and looked at all of the different options for baby wearing. I have purchased a wrap and borrowed a wrap from my sister. Zach doesn't mind it - for a short time. He doesn't want to be held super close and be confined.
I know the ring sling holds him close also, but it is more versatile as far as I can carry him on my hip (his favorite place).
I am meeting a local Work at home mama who makes ring slings. I cant wait to meet her and learn to use the ring sling. I am sure it will be a blessing. Plus the price is right! That is a major thing since money is so tight here.
I would also really love to get a Mei tie, but they are super expensive, so that is something that will just be a want, but I will not get. I am happy with the ring sling!!
I will post a pic of it when I get it!!!!

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