Saturday, February 27, 2010

Everyday blessings

This past week was a long one for me. Between not much sleep and just plain emotional tiredness, I was down. So I took a few pictures yesterday and thought how blessed I am.
Sam was still at school. Mia was just home from her half day preschool and my niece, Ally, was over so we decided to have some cupcakes. I think cupcakes are becoming our comfort food. Not so gret for the hips, but awesome ast he sugary frosting explodes in your mouth. Make me feel all warm and happy inside (probably yet another reason I need my weight loss blog).
So the girls had pink frosting and I had blue. I shared a little taste of my frosting with Zach. He really liked it. We had fun getting all messy with the frosting. It was great to feel the happiness that pink and blue colored teeth and lips can bring.

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