Monday, February 15, 2010

What fun we have had

This past week has been a blast! Thursday was Mia's Valentines Day party. She came home with Valentines and candy and said she had a great time. Thursday evening was the get together that Mia's school holds once a month. It was Clifford the Dog's birthday celebration. She did some crafts and stood next to Clifford. She is still too scared to sit on his lap or get any closer.

Friday Sam had his Valentines party at school and also had a blast. There are more kids in his class so he came home with double the stuff Mia did.
I got my tooth pulled Friday morning and spent the weekend in pain. Thank God for pain pills!! Luckily Sam spent the night with my sister Friday and Saturday and Mia spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa those two nights to it was just Anthony, Zach and me. Zach is still pretty easy to care for since he isn't mobile so we spent Saturday in bed. It was a ton of fun tv shows, napping and cuddling.
Sunday we went to Anthony's parents house for some yummy burgers and fries. We all chatted a little about my sister-in-laws wedding. It is gonna be beautiful!!
Today (Monday) is President's Day so the kids are out of school. Luckily the local roller skating rink was open an extra day. Sam, Mia, my nephew Gabe, Zach and I all ventured over to the rink and the three older kids skated while Zach and I watched. It was too cute. Mia has only skated one other time and only spent about 10 minutes in skates that time. This time we had the wheels tightened on the skates so she didn't fall so much. She skated for about 1 of the two hours we were there. She fell several times, but it wasn't too bad. Gabe was saying his feet were throbbing with pain. No doubt he will have blisters by tonight!! Sam did really well. He has been skating maybe 6-7 times and he loves it. I think it will be a frequented place when he is in middle school.
So tomorrow is back to the grind for the kids.

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