Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am so sick of hearing...when are you due? O... M....G..... I am just fat people!!!!

So last week at church some lady just rubbed my belly and acted like I was pregnant. This perturbed me for two reasons - #1 you shouldn't just touch a stranger no matter if at church or elsewhere and #2 I AM NOT FREAKING PREGNANT!!!! I didn't say anything, just kind of backed away, because it was during worship (music) time.

Then again yesterday I was at the library with all 3 of my kids. Zach was in his baby car seat and I was standing in line to check out Mia's books and some lady told me I was brave having one that age (pointing at Zach) and doing it again. I said - Oh no, we are done and then it was our turn so I didn't say anything else.

I mean really - how rude. I know I am fat, and it is all in my belly, but still.....

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  1. lol... I can totally relate to this blog. After my egg retrieval, I looked like I was 9 months pregnant (for real). The swelling is just starting to go down but now I look like I am 5 months pregnant instead of 9. lol