Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yet another snow day

So the kids are home again from school. They already called it off for tomorrow too. That is 4 snow days in the same week. They are extending the school year because of it. The kids are happy to have an extra week off after the holiday. They like any amount of time off school. Sam is still sleeping (he has been sleeping in until 10 every day) and Mia, Zach and I are watching G-force. A cute movie so far. Mia loves to watch movies over and over so she has already seen it once. She keeps trying to tell me parts of the movie. I tried to explain that I will watch it and she will tell me the end and ruin the movie. She still keeps telling me parts of it anyway.
Anthony stayed home from work today because the weather is so bad. There have been 4 wheel drive vehicles that have overturned cause the roads are so slick. The city is HORRIBLE at clearing streets. It is pretty sad. It snowed 3 weeks ago and they still haven't plowed the side streets from that, so the snow keeps building and building!
Next movie to come in the mail from the Blockbuster thing is Adventureland. Maybe it will bring some laughs. :) I am enjoying watching movies often. I love to be able to get them in the mail and not return them by a certain time. That is great when the kids really like a movie.

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