Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zach had a visit from the Parents as Teachers educator today. He is doing great. He is already doing most things babies his age should be learning. The one thing he has no interest in doing at the moment is rolling from his belly to his back. He will tolerate a few minutes of tummy time, but when he is done he plants his face in the blanket and cries. I am sure that he will do it eventually. He does roll from his back to his side and then back down again, so at least there is a start. Tomorrow night we go to the infant massage class. I am looking forward to it. We took the class when Mia was a baby and she loved it.
Mia had a fun day at school and is super excited to watch the Freshbeat band. I DVRed it for her. She has been wanting to watch it, but it comes on when she is at school. She loves the music. She wants to play the drums, guitar and sing when she gets bigger.
Sam went to a roller skating party last night that his school hosted. He loves to roller skate. He wants to go every month. It is only a few dollars and he gets to hang out with some of his friends from school so it is worth it.
I still have yet to drink any soda this month. I am really proud of myself. I almost don't miss it. I still haven't lost any weight though. I need to cut back on the junk food too. It is definitely a struggle since I am not a huge fan of healthy foods. I just have to keep reminding myself of the final goal. Maybe I will go out and get a cute outfit in the size I want to be and hang it where I can see everyday.

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