Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dinner with friends

Once a month we get together with some of our good friends. Jason is my husband's best friend. He has been for many years before he met me. Christina is his wife and has become my best friend. I look forward to our monthly get-togethers. We usually start with a girly movie for Christina and I while the guys play on the computers and then have a nice dinner together followed by a movie for all to enjoy. It is pure fun!
This time we let the kids pick out a movie for before dinner. Mia picked Spider Man 3. Dominic (Jason And Christina's almost 5 year old) was still napping. Once he was up Mia was gone playing and the movie played on, barely paid attention to. Christina and I were so immersed in conversation that we didn't really watch the movie. It was really good. We talked about things from our struggle with weight loss (view my weight loss blog for more on my struggle), our kids starting kinder-garden in the fall, her oldest starting high school and mine starting middle school, our husbands, our mothers and sisters and just life in general. We are both the oldest and have two younger sisters. Our mothers are similar and our sisters are similar. It is almost scary!
We had some great food for dinner. The men grilled these giant, bigger than the bun hamburgers and we cooked some fries and onion rings. It was delicious!! Their oldest and my oldest were both other places having sleep overs and so it was just the little ones. Dominic and Mia had their hot dogs and loved them. Dominic ate 2 but no fries and Mia had one and a bunch of fries. Zach had his carrots and Hawaiian delight baby food. From his "yummmms" I think he enjoyed his food just as much as we did ours.
After dinner we watched a new movie called Armoured and then Aliens vs. Predators. They were both great movies. The grown ups had cheesecake and the kids had yogurt for desert. Later the kids also decided to have some cheesecake.
I love hanging out with friends and just relaxing!! It is a blast and I look forward to next month when we will be celebrating Dominic's 5th birthday!!

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