Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer is dwindling away, slowly day by day, just like it always does every year. It doesn't feel like it yet though. We have had several days of 100 degree temps and above. It is even too hot to swim as the pool water feels like a bath tub and doesn't stop the sweating from happening. We may still visit the pool one last time before it closes in September.
So many things are happening here in our neck of the woods. Sam will be starting middle school, Mia will start kindergarden, and Zach will celebrate his first birthday all before the month is up. I am so very happy to know that my grandma, Donna, will be able to celebrate this with us!! She is so special to me and my children. She lives 10 hours away in Denver, Colorado. She makes a trip out to see us in Kansas City once a year. We love it. Sam very first penned her nickname, "Grandma Grape". She always told him she was his Grandma Great but he couldn't quite get that "T" in there when he was young. Ever since then that is what we call her. She is 71 and as full of life as always. She has more energy than anyone I know.
I have many fond childhood memories of her. We used to make cookies together, she used to bathe me in a tub full to the brimm with bubbles and wash me with Caress soap while singing songs to me. I still remember those times everytime I smell cookies baking or Caress bar soap. She was the best grandma ever.
In getting ready for school we have done the school shopping, cleaning out of closets and drawers, hair cuts, and organizing the "info board". I use a cork board to pin all school related things that I need to keep track.
Both children are excited, yet nervous about school. I am nervous for Sam that he wont find his classes or that he will get lost or forget something important. I am nervous for Mia that she will get lonely for me and cry during the school day. I know in my mind that they will do fine, but my heart worries for them.
I know things will go fine.

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