Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer days

Summer is a love/hate thing for me. I love all the things you can do in summer. I love swimming, watching fireworks, parks, picnics, the sunshine, the flowers, the cicada bugs hummmmm on hot summer evenings. It is all a wonderful site. The thing I don't like is the sweating!! I am a hot person by nature. I am always on the warm side and rarely get cold - even in the winter. I also have a condition called hyperhydrosis. Basicly I sweat more than the average person. This becomes more evident in the summer.
First my hair gets sopping wet, as if I just came out of the shower. Then the sweat drips down my head and my clothes start getting wet from all of the sweat all over. It is not a pretty site. It is hard to be girly when I am so sweaty. I sweat off make-up and perfume withing an hour of putting them on. It is embarrasing and not fun. This is the hate part of summer.
So far this summer we have done a lot of swimming and gone to the playground a few times. It has been abnormally hot the past couple weeks so we dont get to go to the playground as much as I would like to. I am hoping that the month of July is not quite as hot as June has been. I know that is a far-fetched thought, but maybe it could happen.
For now we will spend our days going swimming, to the library, reading books and watching movies in the comfort of our air conditioning!!

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