Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bingo's story

It was time. Time for a new cat. We have always been a cat family and loved cats wholeheartedly. We spent weeks looking online at places like Craigslist.com and Petfinder.com. There are so many wonderful pets that need a good home. Far too many. After looking online at our local Petco website, I found that there was a pet adoption for Saturday April 24. I told my husband, Anthony about it and he said it was a good idea to go look at the animals there.
For the next few days we talked about what kind of cat we wanted. I just wanted a healthy cat that was already spayed or neutered. Anthony was insistent upon a kitten. I prefer a young adult cat because they are past most of the rambunctious behavior. We said we will just have to wait and see.
Saturday morning came and we were all excited to go and look at the pets that were up for adoption. So excited that we showed up an hour early!! We left to run another errand, but promptly returned at the correct time. Well, maybe a little early. They were still setting up the cages as we arrived. We walked around for a little while and checked out the rodents and birds that were there.
As we returned to the area where the cats were being set up, the FOPAS volunteers were getting the first cat our of the travel crate. What a beautiful cat!! He was brown and black tabby with a little white patch under his chin. He was a short hair cat with a bit of extra meat on him. Not quite chubby, but not skinny. He was adorable.
The next cat out of the crate was a black and white beauty. Still a pretty cat, just not quite like the first one. Then came the kittens!!! The kids went wild. “I want that one, no that one”, they said to us and each other and anyone else who was near. Anthony was still standing there petting the first one.
I took out one of the kittens to hold and it wiggled and squirmed, but still was sweet and oh so cute. I looked back at the first one we saw. He was an adult and after talking with the volunteers I found that he had already been in the shelter for a year. I explained to the kids that the kittens will find a good home, but the beautiful tabby had been looking for a home for a year. So they petted him and agreed they liked him.
This sweet beautiful cat’s name is Bingo. He is so loving and sweet. He loves to give hugs and kisses and loves to be held and “talk” with you. We fell instantly in love with him. He fit right in with our family. He even was out talking to us within hours of coming home. He was PERFECT!
The next day as the evening came to an end the kids, Anthony and I all went to bed. My mom was still out at Bible study. When she came home Bingo snuck out the front door. We didn’t realize until the next morning.
Monday I walked the whole neighborhood calling for Bingo. I looked everywhere in the house, just to double check. He was nowhere to be found. So I called the microchip place and reported him missing. I also called FOPAS to let them know also.
Tuesday morning I posted to Craigslist and KCpetconnect. I ran an errand and hung some signs hoping that someone would find him. By the time I got home I checked the caller ID to see if we had any numbers that weren’t familiar. There was one and I called it. He told me he thought he found my cat but he was downtown. I thought that it couldn’t possibly be because I live way in the northland. As I was talking to him I was checking my email at the same time and his coworker emailed me pictures of the kitty. I looked at the pictures and it was him!!! He had the beautiful brown and black markings with the white around his lips and under his chin just as I remembered. I told the man on the phone that was my kitty and I would love to come get him. He gave me directions and 20 minutes later I was staring into the eyes of my beautiful Bingo. I was shaking I was so happy. The man told me that he found Bingo on the roof of the building (a parking garage at 9th and Baltimore)!! He brought Bingo in and him and his co-worker fed him and gave him water. They looked on craigslist and saw my post and contacted me. I gave him a hug and he helped me and Bingo to the car.
On the way home I stopped to have his microchip scanned and verify it was him. I already knew in my heart it was. The vet office scanned his chip and wrote the number down. It was him!!! Yay!! I brought him home and he was so happy. He was hugging us and layed down for a nap. He knew he was home!!!

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