Saturday, April 17, 2010


So many things have happened in the past week with the children. It is so fun to watch them grow and learn. It is amazing how their little brains work.
Sam is usually such a pleasant child. He has had a bit of an attitude problem lately. I am told it is the age. He is 11. The hormones of puberty are starting to flow and it makes him grumpy. This week he learned that a positive attitude will change a bad day into a good one. This took some talks, some privileges being taken away and even some time in his room. He has definitely improved on the attitude though.
Mia learned her phone number this week. She can recite it almost perfectly. She also learned that if you are nice and share with playmates they will share with you. This one might not stick. She is not good at sharing at all. Whenever she gets something new she says,"I am not sharing that with Allie (her 4 year old cousin)". At least for yesterday she was nice(r)and played well.
Zach learned a lot in the past week. He cut his first tooth last Sunday. It made him a little cranky too. I can't blame him though. I am sure it is painful. Baby Orajel works wonders!!! He learned to clap on Monday and has been proudly doing so ever since. On Tuesday he crawled about three paces and has been trying to crawl ever since then. He can't quite get the hang of doing the crawling thing over and over to get somewhere. HE is learning though.
I have three amazingly beautiful children. I love them always! When throwing fits, sleeping, being lovey to their siblings, eating, playing, fighting and all the other times are precious. They truly are gifts from God.

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