Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy times ahead

My sister-in-law is getting married May 1. We are all super excited for her and her fiance. They make a great pair.
There is a lot to do before the wedding.
I still have to get Sam a pair of dress shoes. He is not a fan of uncomfortable shoes so it may be a hard thing to do. Anthony is going to wear his "Chuck Taylors". Sam might fare better with them. Mia is set for her outfit. Anthony and Sam have their tuxes on order and Zach has his suit bought. I have a dress shirt and nice slacks. I still have to find cute shoes that wont kill my feet. So 2 pair of shoes left to buy.
Her bridal shower is this coming Sunday. I have to get a card and cash for her gift. They are wanting to buy a house so money is the preferred gift. I also want to get her something small that is special. Not sure what yet, so suggestions are welcome.
Sunday morning I have to go to help decorate and get food set up for the shower. It wont take too long, but it is better to be early and then wait around than to be late and rushing. I think on that day I will leave all three kids home with daddy since it is a girls' thing.
I also have to think of how to do my hair and Mia's hair. Problem #1 with hair: we have to go there early in the day to help set up things for the wedding, so it either has to be done before we go and say put all day and night, or we have to be able to put it up there with limited time/space. Problem #2: Mia's hair is so fine it constantly falls out of the up dos that I normally do - even with gel. So there is a little conundrum there.
I am sure it will all come together. I have almost a whole month to get it figured out.

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