Saturday, February 12, 2011

Morning Sounds

There is nothing quite like my morning time. I have a hard time sleeping past 6 am on any day. I guess it is good because I am stuck int he routine, but I would love to be able to sleep in.
So since I am up before everyone else in the house I get to have some "quiet time". It isn't really quiet, but there are no TVs on and kids are not fighting. This is my me time and I enjoy it. I love the sounds of the morning. I love the sound of the coffee brewing and can almost taste its warm comfort when I smell it. I love the cats playing. They make their little sounds while chasing and wrestling each other. They are adorable in the morning (also their most active time). I love the sound of outside. Sometimes it is the trash truck with it's loud clanking and sometimes it is wind blowing. Then sometimes it is the sound of others starting up their cars to head off to work (rarely on Saturday or Sunday mornings though).
Morning sounds are awesome!

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