Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Has it really been more than 2 weeks?!?!

I guess I was in a bit of a blogging funk. I kept telling myself - I will get on and post tomorrow. And then the next day I would say it again.
We are in the middle of a blizzard as I type this. It has been snowing and blowing all day. It is super crazy. I will have to get some pics when it is light out.
Weight loss - not great, but it is a new month. This morning I weighed in at 206. My goal for February is to loose 6 pounds. I would love to get below the 200 mark again soon. I plan to accomplish this by eating better. I will eat oatmeal for breakfast and lunch and then I will eat regular dinner. Also I will have 2 healthy snacks and only drink diet pop, water, coffee, or tea. I would like to squeeze in exercise at least 3 days a week (walking outside is my fave).
The kids are doing OK. Sam is still struggling in school. He just hates to do the work. He needs to and he knows that, he just doesn't want to. Mia still would rather be at home with me than at school, but once she gets there she has a good time. Zach has been growing like a weed. He has 4 new teeth!!! 2 molars on bottom and then two canines on top. He has been rather cranky, but I don't blame him.
Well, off for now. I promise to blog more often this month.

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