Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Body After Baby Challenge - week 1

I follow a great blog called mamanotes. She does a challenge called body after baby. You can find her here

Today starts the challenge!!! My youngest is 15 months old and I have lost all of the baby weight from him, but I am still carrying some from my second child Mia. She will be 6 in a few days. My oldest is 12.
I am currently 205 pounds, eat whatever I feel like having in whatever amounts I want, and don't exercise at all. Sounds bad huh? It is time for a change!

My goals for this week are to exercise at least 10 minutes a day, drink at least 64 ounces of water (well crystal light - I hate unflavored beverages), choose healthier foods, and eat normal portion sizes. I know I am taking on a lot this week, but I have got to get healthy!!!

I will be taking before and after pictures, but I will not post them until the end of the 8 week challenge.  I want to see my progress before I share it wil all of you! :)