Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Body After Baby - Week 4

So I am supposed to be doing this challenge where I eat better, exercise and get healthy. I was all gung ho about it when it started. Now I find myself halfway through this 8 week challenge and not doing very well. I actually gained 6 pounds over Christmas!!!!! Wow 6 pounds!!! That is a lot of extra calories! Sooooo where am I today - a whopping 208 pounds! Sheesh.
So what am I going to do about it?!?
I am gonna get real!
I am going to focus on the task at hand.
I am gonna get my fat ass up off the computer desk chair and move it!
I am gonna stop feeding myself crap that is processed and bad for me (like the frosting on the cookies and brownies that is made entirely of butter, shortening and sugar)!

Now how can you help me - tell me to jump on it! How can I help motivate you - tell you to get on it!

We can all be more healthy. We can all cut one thing out of our lives that is just not necessary. I am cutting soda out for this week - then I will work on other things. I made myself a pitcher of tea in the fridge last night so when I want to reach for something to drink I have more choices that soda, kool aid and whole milk!

So goals for this week - NO SODA!!! Exercise at least 3 days. Loose 2 pounds this week. Eat more veggies and fruits!

Dont forget to head on over to see Samantha's blog who is hosting this challenge

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  1. oh love your goals! 2 pounds is awesome and doable! ANd no soda is hard (for me at least-love my diet coke) but is so healthy to get rid of. We need to be drinking water instead. :) You go girl!