Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Body After Baby Challenge - week 3

Wow! It has been another week already??? It went fast and I was not so good this week!!!

I ate fast food for 4 meals this week. :(
I also didn't meet the challenge of not drinking soda for a whole week. :(
I only exercised 2 days. :(
I gained 2 pounds back. :(

Eeekkk. Now that confession time is over I will focus on the positive.
I exercised 2 days!! LOL.
I didn't snack on too much junk.
I am getting better about eating breakfast every day.

I am going to have to get my butt in gear if I want to make my personal goals for this challenge and beyond!!! My personal goal is to be at 190 by the end of December and at 180 by the end of January. I am seeing that that might be too far a stretch. I would be happy with 195 by the end of December and 185 by the end of January!!

So how am I going to attain those goals?!?!?

More exercise (like every day), less junk food, more fruits and veggies, more water!!!! 

Best of wishes if you are in the Body After Baby Challenge.

Don't forget to hop on by Samantha's blog (the wonderful woman who is hosting this whole thing) to see the challenge goals.


  1. you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the water thing is TOUGH... I honestly have to be thinking about it all through the day to manage to get in 64 ounces.
    Hang in there, slowly but surely we will get there!

  2. you can do it!

    for water, mostly because i have crappy water, i bought a bobble water bottle at work (GNC). it filters my water, and i don't have to lug water bottles to work. i drink most of my water there :)

  3. You are doing good! 2 days exercising is better than none =)

  4. It is hard making these big changes in our lives!
    Together, we can do this! Remember every time it gets rough, we are here cheering you on!

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!