Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Body after baby challenge - week 2

Wow the week has gone by fast - or maybe that is just December!!

This week I haven't really done great. I have stopped eating a snack before bed (I used to every night), and I have exercised a few days. I am eating less at meals and when snacking I am choosing better foods (IE banana instead of pop tart).

Let me tell you - exercising is AMAZING!! I don't know why I wasn't doing it all along!! I get up at 6 am and wake my middle school-er, then come out and exercise. I have so much more energy for the day, my mood is better, and I am sore!!! I know that isn't a good thing generally speaking, but when it comes to exercise it means I was actually working muscles!!

This week I have lost 5 pounds!! I am down to 200 even. I hope to keep the weight loss going. I would like to be at 190 by the end of December and 180 by the end of January. Oh what a treat that would be!

This week I have to increase fluid intake, exercise more days than not, and I will give up soda as my unhealthy thing to cut out this week. I am not great about writing down what I eat, but I do keep a general list in my mind.

I hope that all of you who are participating are having success and feeling great too!!!

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  1. Way to go! You know, I've actually learned that snacks are important. The meal plan we are using suggests eating three meals (of equal amount of calories, instead of two smaller meals and one big one in the evening) and three snacks (one between breakfast and lunch, one between lunch and dinner, and one in the evening). The evening snack should obviously be a lighter one, like low fat popcorn, yogurt and fruit, or a glass of milk with two fig cookies. That way you're not eating too much at once and your body has a chance to digest the food slower throughout the day. Hope that helps and that this week goes well for you! It sounds like we are at about the same weight. I started at 198 and am down to 194.4 this morning. I would LOVE to be down in the 150s before my sister's wedding in July!

  2. Hooray for a 5 lb weight loss!! I am impressed you can work out in the morning. I always attempt too but then just keep sleeping. Good luck not drinking soda, that is 1 of my goals too and from reading other posts a lot of woman struggle with sods.

  3. 5 LBS!!! Oh Im so jealous!!! Keep up the good work missy!

  4. 5 lbs is awesome! Good job! We're about the same weight wise... you can do it!!
    oh and the bedtime snack......... SO hard for me to give up too!

  5. Awesome start with 5lb loss!! I am glad you said you were eating a snack before bed. I told my husband the later evening is my hardest time. I always think I'm entitled to my pop and snack at the end of a hard day when my boys are in bed:(

  6. Congrats on the 5#!!

    I so wish I could get up and exercise in the morning.

  7. Yeah! Good for you! How exciting. I know you must be thrilled. I get hungry right before bed, too. I haven't given up my night time snack yet. We'll see how this week goes!